Just killed another career, it's a mild day.


I found out about this on Tumblr because a warning went up about the site in question stealing images from Deviant Art accounts.  I went…
Ashly Jun 19, 2014

The Dark Carnival: Sticky from Ashly Nagrant - @PenandMuse | @PenandMuse

My contribute to the Pen and Muse "Dark Carnival" for Halloween 2013. A short story about candy apples, which is perfectly and completely innocent (except…
Ashly Oct 31, 2013

One Nation | Always Summer

Wondered what I'm up to these days? Well, here is part of the answer!
Ashly Oct 06, 2013


They were a BAND.  Maybe they were your favorite band, maybe they were the first band that meant something to you, but they were just…
Ashly Mar 23, 2013

What the actual hell

Buzznet. This new look on you. I just. I just can't.  It's like I don't even KNOW YOU ANYMORE.  What, so now you've got a new font and shit…
Ashly Jan 31, 2013
Ashly Jun 14, 2012

Cable TV Talk

Nerds on the Rocks talks cable TV, and as it turns out…DAMMIT, CARL, GET OFF THE PODCAST, YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE THERE! Also, A Game…
Ashly Mar 23, 2012

Nerds on the Rocks: The Drinking Podcast

This week on Nerds on the Rocks: You’ll love us more than you did the week before you discovered alcohol.
Ashly Mar 16, 2012

Nerds on the Rocks: Adaptation

This week: adaptations, Nic Cage masturbating, apologies for the Chipmunks movies and I sing The Dresden Dolls. The Nerds on the Rocks status quo is…
Ashly Mar 09, 2012

Nerds on the Rocks: The 87th Academy Awards Preview Show

NoTR picks the winners of the 87th Academy Awards as best as possible. And by "winners" we mean "Fuck your anti-Drive bias, Hollywood."
Ashly Feb 24, 2012

A Girl's Guide to Being Friends With Girls: Victims

Nothing cute or funny this week. I’ll be blunt: we need to work to stop our culture of victim blaming. Now.
Ashly Feb 23, 2012

Nerds on the Rocks: 90s Cartoon Blow-Out

Remember the 90's? Probably not, but we're talking about how awesome the cartoons were. And we don't even scratch the surface.
Ashly Feb 17, 2012
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